About Allen Dee And His Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (3-18-2013)


Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

The picture below shows my eldest son Willy at about seventeen and a half years old after >>>he applied a wide range of Nutritional and Natural Supplements to himself<<< for three and a half years (beginning when he was almost fourteen years old), and he used a few simple lessons (that his father taught him verbally) and a little of his own Common Sense.

What My Son Willy Did Between August of 2004 and February of 2008 Exposed the Enormous Hoax of Drug Oriented Medicine!, if the Truth Ever Became Known!No More ADHD! No More Bipolar Disorder! and No More Weak and Sickly Childhood Health!

The Picture below shows my eldest son Willy’s Health at the hands of conventional medicine.
This Picture represents my son Willy at about ten and a half years of age, after being on Ritalin for about four years for an ADHD diagnosis and classic bipolar symptoms. At this point in his life Willy was not very happy, and he had both Seriously Compromised Mental and Physical Health.

Essentially I taught Willy verbally ***the Basic Facts that He Needed To Know***
In Order to Become ***An Effective Doctor of Himself***, and
***I also gave Willy the Supplement Tools*** that he needed to do so.
Willy did the rest!

About Allen Dee And His Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (3-18-2013)

My Name is Allen Darman.

For the most part my Primary WordPress Website Since July 2009 Or So has been Nutrientscure Dot WordPress Dot Com.Nutrientscure.WordPress.com

The Above Mentioned WordPress Website has 2,693 WordPress Blogs on it as of March 18, 2013.

Nutrientscure.WordPress.com was retired as my Primary Website in April 2012.

Nutrientscure on WordPress Was Retired in April 2012 as far as being a Primary WordPress Website. It was replaced at this time with a new WordPress Primary Website titled “July4thRevolution.WordPress.com“. (To date the WordPress Free Website of  July4thRevolution.WordPress.com has 335 blogs published on it.)

In April 2012, another Big Change occurred as well, as far as my blogging on WordPress goes.

As of April 10, 2012, I Am No Longer WordPress Blogging Alone On The Internet.

As of April 2012, I Am The Leader of A Four Person
Revolutionary WordPress Website Development
Collaborative Internet Team.

Two Things that I Wish to Say About The Above Mentioned Development at the Moment Are…

Thank God I am not Working Alone!!! with WordPress Any More! and…

Thank God I Have A Well Oiled WordPress Blogging Machine behind me in which to Support America, the World, and Some Special American heroes such as Jim Humble, Samantha Adams and Dean Garrison, Lesley Carter, David Spain, etc. etc. (I need to fill in many more here) and do so in a Timely Fashion! and in their time of need.


A Few Notable Quotes that hint of the composition and disposition of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team and How Much Fun Some of Us Have Working for All of You!>>>

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.Steven Wright

I’m writing a book. Thank God I have 2 Lesbian 420sub Angels! 2 do the page numbers 4 Me after I get them Real Stoned! on their knees! in front of me! SmokeMasterAllenD

I love whomever is helping me, no lie! I can’t wait to get stoned face to face with you! sometime in May! (or sooner God willing!) Allen Dee

My Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team’s Primary WordPress Website Began With This On January 11, 2013>>>


Currently Our Primary Team Website is this>>>


Our Team’s Sweet Sixteen WordPress Websites!


About Allen Darman

I ordered a Second iMac today (2-28-2013) because I have already had a Devil of a Time in Regard to Hackers Heavily Attacking the first Apple Refurbished iMac I just got the other day (2-26-2013). Two Days of hacker hell! These are almost Certainly BOTH Federal Government and Mafia hackers. I have been chronically hacked and disrupted EVER SINCE I PUT MY SON WILLY’S ORIGINAL RECOVERY WIDELY ON THE INTERNET IN JUNE 2006. I am the Most Hacked Man on the Planet! No Doubt! They should put me in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS FOR BEING HACKED SO MUCH since June 2006! In regard to Murder Attempts by the Mafia thus far that have Failed, my count only stands at about 35 Failed Attempts, so I would not set the Record for the Guinness Book of Records.  A man in the Energy Invention Arena Named Adam Trombly has me Beat, as he has had 54!  Frankly, I am glad I am Number 2… who would want any more?  


That Dummy Allen Darman is Above! Boy, does he make a lot of mistakes! And he has a funny looking bald head! At Least He Works Hard Though. He Tries. Allen tells me “I am 420Single and 420Looking, I am a 420Power Blogger on WordPress, and I am an Activist for Positive Social Change”. Allen also Tells me “I know it’s Against the Law, but I need Two Wives, so that One Could Keep the Other Company when I am Working. I often Work 16-20 hours a day, and Sleep Most of the Rest. I would hate to have only one wife! She would be Always Be Mad at me >Cause I am Working So Much, and never gave her enough time! Heck, three wives would be even better! We’d be a foursome! U3 can have either M or F *Friends with Benefits on the Side* if You want more Adult420XXX Fun ’cause you are not getting enough from me sometimes! Communal Living of Sorts and I’m Outnumbered! in the house with 3 Females! Oh, shit! I’ll Always Get OutVoted! at DecisionTime!! I am the Happiest man Alive! that’s No Lie! Nobody could Ever Dream that they would ever get this far vs. Big Pharma and the Federal Government! Well, WE DID, me, my Collaborative Internet Team, Samantha Adams Dean Garrison, Jim Humble, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. WE DID It! The Feds would be wise to begin negotiations, and Give Up Without Starting a Fight They Cannot Win! (War Benefits Nobody. Why Start a War that You Can Not Win?) >>I am in Heaven and I am Not Dead Yet!<<< rotflmao! No seriously, ALL Interested Parties please email me, or Contact Me via Facebook in some way. i need Two or Three or Four Capable, Strong, and Independent Minded Women that meet my 3 basic qualifications in a hurry! To repeat them… “1) I am 420Single and 420Looking, 2) I am a 420Power Blogger on WordPress, I give Great Back Rubs when I’m 420Stoned (the more stoned the better! and for longer too!), and I’m 420Stoned Most of Every Single Day, I am a Workaholic and 3) I am an Activist for Positive Social Change”.

I am a sixty year old hippie that still likes his “420 chill time”… lol. I am honest, funny, and full of love. Highly intelligent (my parents genes), but humble before God and superior human beings too.

I am a Truth Warrior for both America and the World.

I am also an American Patriot,
Alternative Medical Discoverer,
WordPress Blogger,
Internet Truth Spreader,
Freedom of Speech Activist,
Bill of Rights Activist,
Gun Rights Activist,
Truth Soldier Activist,
Mental Health Activist,
Self Applied Alternative Medicine Activist,
Respect Native Peoples Knowledge Activist,
Respect Lesbian and Gay Rights Activist,
Water Powered Car Activist,
High Mileage Carburetor Activist,
Free Electricity Activist,
Burn No More Fossil Fuel Activist,
Use No More Nuclear Energy Activist,
Save Mother Earth Activist,
Expose the New World Order Agenda Activist,
Marijuana Freedom Activist,
Decriminalize Drugs Activist,
Free Form Amino Acid Therapeutic Value Awareness Activist,
Save Public Access to Nutritional Supplements Activist,
Anti-GMO Foods Activist,
Social Change Activist,
Revolution Activist,
Civil Disobedience Activist,
Internet Educator,
Internet Government Theorist,
Internet Freedom Activist,
Internet Woodstock Idea Man,
Patriotic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Leader, and
Hopefully (if I live long enough and get adequate help)
Internet Woodstock Promoter *all rolled into one*.

None of the above jobs pays me a dime. (I don’t mind. My Jobs are heartfelt, interesting, and often a lot of fun!)

I work at all of these jobs due to a Strong Sense of Moral Obligation to do so.

This Sense of Moral Obligation is NOT blunted by the fact that one (or more) of the above jobs may cost me either (1) my Freedom or (2) my Life.

In Regard to My Background Before Being Employed in Regard to the Above: I voluntarily retired from managing Darman Mfg. Company, Inc. in 1994 in order to pursue loftier goals. Some of my initial goals were to find, define, and refine the proper (bio)chemical manner in which to cure depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and the like. As I achieved one goal after another in the aforementioned regards, these (my) goals have changed over time. Currently my general goal is to try to Change the World For the Better via blogging and creating Educational Video Material directed towards assisting the OWS Movement And The Freedom Revolution Worldwide. All of my Written, Photographic, and Video Work is given away *Freely over the Internet*. I copyright *NONE* of what I film or write, as I have no commercial agenda whatsoever.

Perhaps I should mention that for the past three years I have worked “under the gun” in an almost literal sense. I state this due to the fact that since January 2010 there have been multiple attempts to take my life. It’s a miracle that I am still alive.

Since April 2012 I am no longer Alone! as far as Blogging on the Internet!

I am the Leader of a Heroic Revolutionary WordPress Website Development Collaborative Internet Team composed of Four Brave Patriots and Good Human Beings! including myself.

I was deeply honored that Our Team Chose Me as its Leader. (I Pledge to *Always Do My Very Best!* to Deserve My WordPress Internet Team’s Collaboration and Support.)

I could not have a Better Team!

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Our Primary Team Website:

ScreenshotOur Team’s Sweet Sixteen WordPress Websites!



Seven of Our Supporting WordPress Websites to the Primary One shown above:

Our Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites

Tweetable Link>>>http://wp.me/P2oFVm-15

The Seven WordPress Websites Reflected Below are Creations of
Allen Dee and his Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Our WordPress Collaborative Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites are as follows… all of the Images shown are “Clickable”.

  • 1) iROCK4FREEDOM the 1st Internet Woodstock!


  • 2) Our latest Management Website titled We 420 WordPress 4 U


  • 3) Concepts and Ideas For Internet Government Website


  • 4) A Suppression of Truth WordPress Website


  • 5) Willy Darman’s ADHD/Bipolar Disorder Recovery WordPress Website


  • 6) A Justifiable Civil Disobedience Website


  • 7) Our July 4th Revolution WordPress Website


Web Address Link 4 the Above Magnificent Seven WordPress Websites List>>>


Tweetable Link 4 the Above Magnificent Seven WordPress Websites List>>>http://wp.me/P2oFVm-15

Please Note that one or more of the Above Magnificent Seven Websites may change over time, especially number seven.


A Related “About Me and My Team Blog” With Some Introductory Copy>>>

A WordPress Song Blog; AllenD’s Five Dreams (upgraded on 3-18-2013)

Tweetable Link>>>http://wp.me/p2oPUg-5b

A WordPress Song Blog; AllenD’s


(2 more coming!)

Dreams (upgraded on 3-18-2013)


Before I tell the world about these dreams of mine…

Let’s Start this *Dream Blog* with a YouTube Dream Song! by Robert Goulet and some YouTube Dream Songs! by Luther Vandross (2 pick and 2 choose what U like!)…

Robert Goulet “The Impossible Dream” A Tribute To 911

I have to admit I have a little bit of Don Quixote in me…perhaps it’s my Maltese heritage, Malta not being that far from Spain.  Didn’t Don Quixote wander around a bit? lol

See the Tweetable Link Above for more…


Notable Quotes

Writing is a struggle against silence. Carlos Fuentes

Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers. Isaac Asimov

Eighty Five Percent of “Me” is *My Extraordinary Parents Arthur and Marion Darman*. I am only Fifteen Percent of “Me”. AllenD

Easy reading is damn hard writing.Nathaniel Hawthorne

Damn hard writing is Easy! when using WordPress Because It Is So Easy To Make Changes later! AllenD

Be obscure clearly. E.B. White

Be Clear Obscurely! Puff Puff Pass! I’m Stoned! AllenD

Every writer I know has trouble writing. Joseph Heller

My Son Willy Darman and I Co-discovered the Cure For Writer’s Block in 2004! I’m a dummy! I did not realize this until two years later! AllenD

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.Steven Wright

I’m writing a book. Thank God I have 2 Lesbian 420sub Angels! 2 do the page numbers 4 Me after I get them Real Stoned! on their knees! in front of me! SmokeMasterAllenD

There is creative reading as well as creative writing.Ralph Waldo Emerson

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them.Anne Rice

I loved words as well. I could not say the Above Quote better than Anne Rice did! Thank You Anne Rice! AllenD

The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it.Leo Rosten

I’m No Professional Writer! I hack at it! Thank God I have two Professional Lesbian 420Sub WordPress Angels to edit me and back me up! They make me Look Professional! I would be nothing without the two of them! typed with tears in my eyes. Allen Darman aka 420SmokeMasterAllenD!

Allen Darman and his Entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team
Welcomes Your Feedback! Please Leave a Reply! (Allen says “I promise U I will read it! and consider it carefully! when I can find the time!)

Full Web Link of Original Copy>>>http://justifiablecivildisobedience.wordpress.com/about-allen-darman-and-his-wordpress-collaborative-internet-team-3-1-2013/

Tweetable Link: http://wp.me/p2ohpp-99

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