When Is The Fact That Various Members Of My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Are Repeatedly Defending Ourselves Against Murder Attempts Going To Go Justifiably Viral On The Internet?

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Allen Darman is happy that the Feds are Done! No Matter What Happens 2 Him!

I personally went through about eleven attempted murder episodes involving roughly 36 individual murder attempts (many murder episodes involved multiple attempts) since January 6, 2010 (the first attempt on my life).

My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team members in San Francisco have gone through DOZENS of poison gas attacks since mid December 2012. They are still being subjected to poison gas at times.

I find it Odd that the Abovementioned Facts have not yet Gone Justifiably Viral on the Internet.

Allen Darman aka Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)


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I’d take substance over style any day. Allen D



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Google Doodle Celebrates Rosalind Franklin from http://newsfeed.time.com/

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Rosalind Franklin’s 93rd Birthday!  Happy Birthday Rosalind!

[Excerpt] Today’s Google Doodle pays tribute to a game-changing scientist who was denied her rightful claim to fame until recent years. The biophysicist, who would have turned 93 today, played a key role in developing our modern understanding of DNA structure.

Franklin used x-rays to photograph DNA, and her image — Photo 51 — was used by James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins to crack the secrets of DNA’s double helix structure. Even though that picture was integral to the scientific breakthrough, only Watson, Crick and Wilkins are widely given credit for the finding that would open up new scientific fields including biotechnology and genome mapping. Franklin is often held up as the epitome of the the under-appreciated female scientist, held back by sexism.
[End of Excerpt]
Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/07/25/google-doodle-celebrates-rosalind-franklin/

My Patriot WordPress Blogging Team Commends Google for bringing the Suppression of Recognition Issue involving a scientist named Rosalind Franklin to the light of day via “a center stage” Google Logo Art Depiction on their Search Engine Page (of http://Google.com/) on July 25, 2013.

Google has the Power to Easily Bring Any Suppressed Truths to the light of day… simply by Designing and Using a Google Logo Art Depiction on Their Main Search Engine Page. (Google.com gets something like twelve billion views every month in the U.S. (I need to check on the current number… this stuff is counted.).

Even a Single Day of a Google Logo Art Depiction Waking People Up to Some Facet of Suppressed Truth is going to Wake Up an awful lot of people. (Google should celebrate Stan Meyers, Bob Beck’s, and Royal Raymond Rife’s Birthday too!)

One of the Great Things! about the Internet is that Suppression of Truth on Multiple Fronts is Ending… due to the Power of a Free and Open Internet. (As an example of Suppression Being Uncovered, see my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team blog of Suppression Of Great Truth Is The Norm It Seems (8-30-2010).)

This Blog was prepared by Allen D’s Patriot 420Merry Band of WordPress Internet Revolutionaries!


Our WordPress Collaborative Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites are as follows… all of the Images are “Clickable”.

  • 1) iROCK4FREEDOM the 1st Internet Woodstock!


  • 2) Our latest Management Website titled


  • 420LesbianSlaves!!!

  • Screenshot
  • 3) Eight Presidents Round Table Internet Government Website


  • 4) A Suppression of Truth WordPress Website


  • 5) An Alternative Medical Discovery WordPress Website


  • 6) A Justifiable Civil Disobedience Website


  • 7) Our July 4th Revolution WordPress Website



Allen D’s Patriot WordPress 420Blogging Team‘s Primary WordPress Website is SweetSixteenWebsites.WordPress.com.



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Patriot WordPress Blogging Team’s “KEY About Blog” On http://420mgmtReportssmoke.com/about/ Can Not Be Found Via Smart Phone On 7-22-2013 @6:53 PM PST

Allen D spent a few hours this afternoon Significantly Upgrading his Patriot WordPress Blogging Internet Revolutionary Team’s “Key About Blog” at http://420mgmtReportssmoke.com/about/.

About an hour after Allen D finished the Substantial Upgrade of http://420mgmtReportssmoke.com/about/ he could not access this key blog on his Kyocera Rise Smart Phone. He got a “Not Found Error”, which makes no sense (unless hackers and/ Federal Government Censorship was involved).

According to Allen D…

“Hackers often hack me and/or censor my blogs on an off and on basis in an attempt to discredit me with the world.” [This is exactly what happened in this case.  At 11 PM the same night I posted this blog, The About Blog on 420mgmtReportssmoke.com/about/ was accessible via my Smart Phone.]

“This Key About Blog at http://420mgmtReportssmoke.com/about/ should Permanently Be On The Internet. If not, Internet Censorship and the Suppression of Truth is involved.”

AllenD’s Primary Suppression Of Truth WordPress Website



The link and the material below was found on the bottom of page two Search Results using a Google Search of “mafia federal government” without the quote marks>>>

Top Mafia figure sets the record straight once and for all, regarding


Sep 26, 2007 – I am talking because people need to know the U.S. government and the Vatican are more dangerous and corrupt then the Mafia ever was.



The grandson of Lucky Luciano, Gambino, 63, just released from prison also sets the record straight about the JFK and Hoffa assassinations.

By Greg Szymanski
Sept. 26, 2007

Tony Gambino of the infamous Gambino New York crime family said besides Mob Bosses, the outfits that benefit most from organized crime are the corrupt Vatican and U.S. government.

The grandson of Lucky Luciano, Gambino made a guest appearance Tuesday on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal on Liberty Radio at www.libertyradiolive.com The entire interview can be heard at www.arcticbeacon.com as well as Liberty Radio.

The high-level former mobster talked openly for an hour, indicting top Vatican and U.S. government officials with complicity in high crimes, treason and assassinations as they worked together “like a tight-knit happy family” with the Gambino and other Mafia families.

With America’s fascination of the Mafia, Gambino’s statements should shake the halls of St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as Capitol Hill, since he talked about his first hand knowledge of George Bush, the Pope and other high level Jesuits complicity and knowledge of 9/11.

“When you grow up in “The Family” like I did, you learn right off the bat that protection comes from everywhere, including the CIA, FBI and blessings from the Vatican who are at the top of the ladder when it comes to benefiting from Mafia street crime,” said Gambino, who became a “Made Man” at the age of five, a Mafia term used for their top street captains.

“The Vatican officials, federal judges, top politicians all used to get regular pay-offs from the Gambino Family and, in fact, the Vatican and U.S. government make more money off the illegal drug trade then we did.

“That is why I am talking after just getting out of jail after 20 years. I am talking because people need to know the U.S. government and the Vatican are more dangerous and corrupt then the Mafia ever was.

“For example, I know for a fact the Cardinal in Palermo runs the Sicilian mob and former Cardinal Spellman of New York was considered the Vatican’s American Godfather since he pulled the strings and had his hands deep into organized crime.

“I know for a fact Bush, the Pope and other top Vatican and U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and help organize 9/11. They did it for many obvious reason, one being instigating the war in Iraq. But they also did it to get their hands on all the gold that was hidden below in the Twin Towers.

“My grandfather’s construction company built the Twin Towers and after it was completed, I know they went in and put in big underground vaults to house an enormous amount of gold which is now in Bush’s and Vatican hands in order to fund the war.”

Besides implicating the Vatican and Bush in 9/11, Gambino set the record straight about the JFK assassination, saying he was in Dallas when Kennedy was shot and the fatal bullet came from a shooter located in an underground storm drain.

“I was there when he was shot and I know for a fact Rosselli was in the storm drain doing the shooting and Frank Sturgiss was also part of the hit team,” said Gambino. “The same group of guys we have talked about in the Vatican and U.S. government gave the orders and asked the Mafia families for help in taking down Kennedy.”

Growing up on the streets of New York in one of the top crime families, Gambino recalls getting his first lesson of Mafia life at the age of 13.

“My grandfather was Lucky Luciano so I had it made,” said Gambino, now 63 and living on the East Coast with a probation stipulation that he can’t associate or talk with any organized crime figures. “Lucky had all the politicians and even the Vatican heads in his pocket. He was making $55 to $100 million a week and when Vegas opened the money really started to roll in.

“He got Frank Sinatra and many others like Marylin Monroe, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Sammy Davis started in Hollywood. He then would take a percentage of their earnings and this went on for their entire careers.

“Remember, the horse’s head being cut-off in Godfather I and then put in the Hollywood producer’s bed? That really happened and it had to do with forcing a Hollywood producer to star Sinatra in one of his movies.”

Gambino also had inside information about how union boss Jimmy Hoffa was really killed, saying his time ran out when a huge Mafia debt wasn’t repaid.

“Hoffa was working behind the scenes with crack head and truck hi-jacker, John Gotti,” recalls Gambino. “That’s all Gotti was good at and when they brought in a $5 million drug truckload, Hoffa got deeper in debt to the other Mafia bosses.

“He never gave his courtesy calls to the bosses for repayment and finally his time ran out so he was killed. They picked him up, put him in a body bag alive and then dumped his body in one of the concrete abutments at the George Washington Bridge while the concrete was being poured. All they did was pay the concrete man $150,000 and the whole thing has been covered up. But that is where Hoffa’s body is today and I know that for a fact.”

Although Gambino knows he’s crossing a sensitive line for going public about the inner-workings of the Mafia and its complicity with the Vatican and U.S. government, he added that it’s important for Americans to finally understand how things “really work on the streets” and how Church, State and big business are working together to destroy America.

And if there remains any doubters that the Vatican and Jesuit Order have had its dirty hands in organized crime in order to destroy the moral and financial fabric of the U.S., Gambino’s confessions should lay that to rest.

“If you don’t believe the hard facts and the hundreds of researchers who have implicated the Vatican to the demise of America, then believe Gambino because he learned it first hand from being on the streets and working with the top crime bosses. He has nothing to gain from lying since he has already served his time and wants to set the record straight once and for all regarding who are the real controllers of the New World Order,” said one patriot close studying and alerting America of Vatican and Jesuit intrigue.