My iMac No Longer Works In The Library Due To Hacker Interference From Either The Mafia Or The Federal Government (7-17-2013)

My iMac use lasted one whole day, and a few hours on the second day… before “the bad guys” shut me down.

The Significant Upgrade that I was working on in regard to Martin Luther King on was when my iMac quit working.  This Particular Blog really has to bother those who wish me harm.

I have no fear.

I simply have an inability to use my iMac at this time due to Suppression Of The Truth by One Power That Be or Another.

My biggest suspect in regard to the above at this time is the United States Federal Government… and next is the Mafia, of course.

I am doing a virus scan while I write this.

In honesty I do not think things are going to go back to normal iMac blogging-wise today… and the same may apply tomorrow and the day after as well.

However, I may be wrong in regard to the above.  Many times those who are hacking me do so sporadically on an “on and off basis”… perhaps in an attempt to discredit me… or simply to slow my work down. 

On another front, a suspicious helicopter flew over both “my sleeping spot” at the Seven Feathers RV parking lot and over the library today.  This sure looked to me shape-wise as being the same helicopter both times.

The Mafia used a helicopter against me on at least two occasions in Phoenix AZ in early April of 2011 during the time they were trying to kill me between April 1st and April 5th or so.  They also used a helicopter to scope things out in Utica NY at least once or twice.

And a black unmarked helicopter that was most probably flown for or by the CIA did an obvious “fly by” of my “bunker apartment” in Utica NY in February of 2012… not long before the Mafia tried to kill me with poison gas twice, and pointed a gun at one of my roommates in an attempt to get me to open “my barred closed door”.

Despite both the suspicious helicopter today, and my iMac being problematic on “an on and off basis”, still I have no fear. 

Things are different now… for I know my Internet Martyrdom will cause http://aCall4JustifiableRevolution.WordPress.comJustifiable Revolution in America… and I feel Deeply Honored to Serve My Fellow Americans in this way.

Allen D (and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet SmarTTeam)    


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