My iMac Being Hacked Problem Is Both Serious And Unresolvable Without Professional Help (7-17-2013)

Hackers were able to change the admin password on my iMac running the Mountain Lion OS… the same as hackers were able to change the admin password TWICE in the first iMac running Lion OS that I got in late March 2013 and returned to to get the newer iMac that I have now.

I do have the Premium Package of MacKeeper installed, but it could not help to get my iMac going.  One problem in this regard is I need the admin password, which I no longer have (because a hacker changed it).

My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team needs to rather immediately Back Up ALL of our Team’s WordPress blogs and websites… here is why… My admin password, my Facebook password, and my WordPress password were All The Same!

I also got an “Other Users Are Logged On” error message today when my iMac locked up and I had to do a Cold Shut Down by simply holding the On-Off button in.  I have Never Got This Message on this computer before.

So I guess it’s time to get some professional computer help.

Luckily, I was able to get in an hour on a Florence Public Library Computer in which to work on and spread around the Upgrade-In-Progress on the Eloquent Speech of Martin Luther King blog.

Tomorrow I do not expect to have a functioning iMac.  It will be in a computer shop being worked on.

Tomorrow I do expect to have an hour of Florence Library Computer Time in which to continue to upgrade and further spread around “the Martin Luther King blog”. 

I should note that I am going to have a Second Name for this Critical WordPress blog… it is “My Internet Martyrdom Blog”.  This phrase refers to the same blog as is mentioned in the paragraph above.

Despite my current taking a lot of heat hacker-wise and otherwise… I remain calm, cool and collected. The bad guys cannot freak me out any more, for at this point I know I have blogged enough such that my Internet Martyrdom would really mean something. 


Once I blogged on the key facts that (1) the Mafia was involved in the planning and execution of 911 and its coverup (they were extremely well paid for all of this)… as well as (2) the Mafia knew many key people in the Federal Government who were involved in the same and/or had prior knowledge of this event… and (3) once I blogged on the fact that Willy’s Baggie sources were corrupted by collusion between the Mafia and Big Pharma… I knew I had done enough for my Internet Martyrdom to eventually help cause “A Justifiable Revolution in America”… a Patriotic One that would bring down both the Mafia and the Feds. (The Mafia really needs to “switch sides” and join with Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement.  Why?  Because I have made both many Smart People in Silicon Valley and the Patriot Movement aware of them, and their strong ties with both Big Pharma and the U.S. Government… and almost certainly with Big Oil as well.)

The Bottom Line here is that the Mafia are “the Primary Suppressors of Truth” for both Numerous Big Corporations and Numerous Governments Worldwide.

They are also “the Primary Corruptors” of the same. 

The American Mafia needs to Change… and the U.S. Treasury of a new government in America should pay them handsomely on an ongoing basis in which to do so.  (At least this is my firmly held opinion.)

Whatever happens in the foreseeable future…

I accept whatever Fate God has in store for me with both Courage and Grace.


Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet SmarTTeam 


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