Allen D Is A Leading Expert In Regard To Suppression Of Truth Partially As A Result Of Surviving Over Three And A Half Years Of Multiple Hit Attempts (7-20-2012)

It is an absolute miracle that I am still alive, as many times as the Mafia has tried to kill me since January 6, 2010.

I have survived roughly a dozen “murder episodes” in the past three and a half years, and many of them were multiple in nature (had more than one hit attempt).

Incidentally, there is a substantial Blog Record of some of these hit attempts, especially one in Phoenix AZ in April 2011 and one in Utica, NY in February 2012.

If I had to make a rough guess… I should have been dead roughly three dozen times thus far.

I only survived “through the Power of Genius, the Power of the Internet, and the Power of God”.

More Copy coming soon.

Allen D and his 420Merry Band Of Patriot WordPress Website Development Specialists


Allen D’s Primary Suppression Of Truth WordPress Website

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