Between Bradley Manning, Eric Snowden, Dean Garrison, My Heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team, Google, Facebook And The Power Of The Internet… The Feds Are Done!

Allen Darman is happy that the Feds are Done! No Matter What Happens 2 Him!

The United States Government Needs to Declare Martial Law and Shut Down The Internet Before 911 Of This Year (or within a matter of days afterwards).

If they don’t Shut Down Freedom of Speech on the Internet this September sometime… the Feds are Going To Be Absolutely Doomed By Widely Perceived Important Social Truths.

Allen D (with Substantial and Heroic Help from his Smart WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)

The Internet Changed The World For The Better!

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I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done. Steven Wright

I’m writing a book too… It is going to be a Collaborative Effort involving my WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team and I… if I remain alive long enough. Otherwise “my Unwritten Book is all theirs”, to write as they see fit, and to use whatever Co-Authors that my Smart WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team may or may not desire. Allen D