I Have A Chronic Problem Accessing Yahoo Mail With My iMac


The below happens all the time now. As soon as I open one window for Yahoo mail, I can see my inbox and individual pieces of mail, but when I go to open one piece of mail, nothing happens. Then I open four or five new windows trying to get to Yahoo mail, and I cannot even see the mail or the inbox at all. This has gone on for quite some time. I cannot even remember when Yahoo mail has worked normally for me. I eventually can read Yahoo mail addressed to allen_dar@yahoo.com by using my iMac, but essentially “I have to wait until it is screened by someone who may delete some of it, depending on what it is”. (Big Pharma hackers, Mafia hackers and/or federal government hackers are doing this.) I am dead certain I have been blocked from receiving helpful emails since June 2006 or before, due to what I had both learned and discovered in the alternative medical arena. My email via Yahoo (and probably Gmail too) is “monitored, screened and selectively deleted”… both inbound and outbound. At one point years ago (between 2006 and 2008 or so), using both computers I owned and even when using public library computers in New Hartford, New York, I would type http://www.yahoo.com into the address block on the top of the page, and as soon as I got past “www.” the cursor would jump over what I had written and start typing yahoo.com backwards. The end result of what I had typed in was “moc.oohaywww.” or “moc.oohay.www” How would you feel if this stuff repeatedly happened to you? Allen D

What follows is a cut and paste screen capture of what Yahoo tells me, but it is “being hacked” that underlies this—>

We’re experiencing some technical difficulties…

We’re sorry, but Yahoo! Mail can’t load due to a temporary error. You can try back again shortly, or visit our Help pages for ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Temporary error: 5