A House For WordPress Patriot Activists Should Be Philanthropically Established



So you may know a little about me…

My name is Allen Darman.


I should have been dead a long time ago as many attempts as there have been to kill me since January 2010.

I am the Happiest man Alive sometimes! Because I Am Still Alive to Fight for Alternative Medical Discovery Truths and Other Very Important Truths that Need to Be Heard Worldwide! 

I am a sixty year old hippie that still likes his “420 chill time”. I am honest, funny, and full of love. Highly intelligent (my parents genes), but humble before God too.

I am a Truth Warrior for both America and the World.

I am also an American Patriot,
Alternative Medical Discoverer,
WordPress Blogger,
Internet Truth Spreader,
Freedom of Speech Activist,
Bill of Rights Activist,
Gun Rights Activist,
Truth Soldier Activist,


A Man Willing to Die for the Truth, if need be.

Since April 2012 I am no longer Alone! as far as Blogging on the Internet!

I am the Leader of a Heroic WordPress Website Development Collaborative Team.

I feel deeply honored that My WordPress Team Members >>>Voluntarily Joined My Educational Efforts Via the Internet Despite the Great Personal Risks Involved.<<<  (I Pledge To Always Do My Very Best! to deserve my heroic WordPress Team’s Collaboration and Support.)

I could not have a Better WordPress Collaborative Team! They have heroically stuck with me through thick and thin for over 16 months now. (My WordPress Team Members deserve the Highest Honor that both America and the World could bestow upon them… not only for what they have already done, but for what they are still doing today.)

My WordPress Collaborative Team and I are deeply thankful to the Internet Powerhouse called Google for becoming aware of our heroic WordPress efforts to educate our Fellow Americans in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression, Energy Invention Suppression, the Need for Some Person(s) or Corporate Entity(Entities) to put on an Internet Woodstock to Wake the American Public Up In Adequate Numbers In Time, and the Need for a Justifiable Revolution in America.  

This Thank You is likely to apply to Facebook, Twitter, Automattic (the company behind WordPress), Apple and other Internet/Computer Industry Entities too.

Without a significant portion of the upper echelon of Silicon Valley management-wise becoming aware of us, it is likely that many of us would be dead today. 

My WordPress Team Members and myself cannot thank whomever in Silicon Valley is being supportive of our WordPress Collaborative Team enough.

Your Support Is Absolutely Crucial To Us Personally, and Is Absolutely Crucial To Our Educational Internet Efforts to Try To Save Freedom in America.

Allen Darman

[End of Preface]


WE NEED A HOUSE!!! of WordPress Activists for the Truth!

The best location for this house is in the the San Francisco Bay and/or Silicon Valley Area due to its proximity to Internet Connected Corporations such as Google, Facebook, WordPress (Automattic), Apple, etc.

Why do we need a house? 

Anyone that Uses the Internet to Speak and Spread Important Truths that are a Major Threat to the Powers that Be, and does so while being isolated and alone, or while “living in any dwelling with common walls and ceiling with other persons”, risks almost certain death at the hands of either the Mafia or Federal Government employees of some sort (the CIA, the NSA, the DHS, the FBI, etc.). 

I know this in a very personal way as often as the Mafia has used poison gas on me.    

There have been about eleven attempts to kill me since January 2010.  All but one of these attempts were multiple in nature.  Three of these attempts involved multiple exposure to poison gas injected into my living space.  

The Mafia (or the Federal Government) has also repeatedly used poison gas to try to kill my anonymous San Francisco WordPress Collaborative helpers, or so they have reported to me numerous times via the methodology of “WordPress blog reordering”.

Four attempts on my life involved poison that I unknowingly ingested. (Thankfully I did not ingest enough, or I would be dead.)  

I should have been dead roughly 30 to 35 times since January 2010. (It is a Miracle that I am still alive.  The same applies to Other Members of my WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team.)

Although it was the Mafia trying to kill me on behalf of Big Pharma (and the Hoax of Drug Oriented Medicine), the United States Federal Government stood by and watched this over the Internet, and they did absolutely nothing to help me. (A witness to a murder is a murderer too.)

Our Federal Government is currently controlled by the NWO Agenda folks, the Corporations, and the Mafia. These three parties are successfully leaning on our Federal Government in order to Make Our Government Shut Down Internet Freedom, Take Away Our Right to Bear Arms, and Take Away Our Rights to Free Speech and Assembly.  

The “Bad Guys” General Goals are to Economically (and in other ways) Control and Enslave the Masses.

If the Majority of the American Public Wake Up before Freedom of Speech on the Internet is Censored by the Federal Government, the People win!

If the Majority of the American Public Does Not Wake Up Soon Enough, they will lose the ability to do so when the Internet becomes under Federal Government Control.  Once this happens, the People will lose, and many Smart and Well Meaning People will end up in FEMA Camps or dead.

“It is a Race to Spread the Truth on Multiple Important Topics on the Internet before our Ability to do so is shut down!” 

One house of Truth Soldier Activists that are WordPress Capable could make a heck of a difference! in regard to “who will win this race.”

A House of Like-minded and Competent Persons in the Silicon Valley Area that Are Able To Voluntarily Work Full Time >>>Could Greatly Contribute To The Cause of Freedom in America! and the World<<<… as long as the Internet Remains Open and Free of course!

Heroic Non-Paid Volunteers do exist… my WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team is an example of this.  

However, We Sorely Need a Safe Environment In Which To Work.  

Will Anyone Help Us In Our Quest to Help America Regain its Freedom from Federal Tyranny? and what our Corrupt Federal Government has in store for us (A Planned Economic Collapse, Martial Law, FEMA Camp activation, Loss of 2nd Amendment Rights, Loss of Freedom of Speech, Internet Censorship, etc.)

My heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team have been doing our part for the past 16 months… Voluntarily Working for the Benefit of America While Risking Our Lives undergoing repeated murderous attacks from the Mafia (the Federal Government wants us locked up or dead too)… and we are doing so without any paycheck attached.  

My heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team sure could use >Some Heroic Philanthropic Help< in regard to this Critical Issue of “Safe Housing Being Needed” as soon as it is practical or possible to do so.

Allen Darman with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Patriot Team

My WordPress Collaborative Team’s Primary Patriot Website And Its Underlying Sixteen Patriot Websites
fredabigbrotherThe Three Primary Goals of the Patriot Websites Reflected Below are (1) Via Education in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression (also here) and Energy Invention Suppression to Foster a Justifiable Revolution in America (also here and here and here), (2) To Promote the Idea of the Need for an Internet Woodstock (also here and here) to Wake the American Public Up in Time, and (3) To Assist in Developing a Collaborative Effort in order to topple the corrupt United States Federal Government.  (There are some Secondary Goals in regard to the Websites listed below as well.)
All of the Images Shown Below are Clickable, and will lead to the Website shown.

16 Supporting WordPress Websites to the Primary One of SweetSixteenWebsites.WordPress.com:



Tweetable Link>>> http://wp.me/p2ohpp-i4

Sharing the Truth Is Important! It Is Your Civic Duty As An American Citizen To Share Important Social, Alternative Medical, Energy Invention, 9/11 and All Other Patriot Truths with Your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Other Internet Friends! before the Federal Government Declares Martial Law and Shuts Down Freedom of Speech on the Internet!

My iMac No Longer Works In The Library Due To Hacker Interference From Either The Mafia Or The Federal Government (7-17-2013)

My iMac use lasted one whole day, and a few hours on the second day… before “the bad guys” shut me down.

The Significant Upgrade that I was working on in regard to Martin Luther King on http:SuppressionByAllenD.WordPress.com was when my iMac quit working.  This Particular Blog really has to bother those who wish me harm.

I have no fear.

I simply have an inability to use my iMac at this time due to Suppression Of The Truth by One Power That Be or Another.

My biggest suspect in regard to the above at this time is the United States Federal Government… and next is the Mafia, of course.

I am doing a virus scan while I write this.

In honesty I do not think things are going to go back to normal iMac blogging-wise today… and the same may apply tomorrow and the day after as well.

However, I may be wrong in regard to the above.  Many times those who are hacking me do so sporadically on an “on and off basis”… perhaps in an attempt to discredit me… or simply to slow my work down. 

On another front, a suspicious helicopter flew over both “my sleeping spot” at the Seven Feathers RV parking lot and over the library today.  This sure looked to me shape-wise as being the same helicopter both times.

The Mafia used a helicopter against me on at least two occasions in Phoenix AZ in early April of 2011 during the time they were trying to kill me between April 1st and April 5th or so.  They also used a helicopter to scope things out in Utica NY at least once or twice.

And a black unmarked helicopter that was most probably flown for or by the CIA did an obvious “fly by” of my “bunker apartment” in Utica NY in February of 2012… not long before the Mafia tried to kill me with poison gas twice, and pointed a gun at one of my roommates in an attempt to get me to open “my barred closed door”.

Despite both the suspicious helicopter today, and my iMac being problematic on “an on and off basis”, still I have no fear. 

Things are different now… for I know my Internet Martyrdom will cause http://aCall4JustifiableRevolution.WordPress.comJustifiable Revolution in America… and I feel Deeply Honored to Serve My Fellow Americans in this way.

Allen D (and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet SmarTTeam)


My Early April 2013 Travel Plans


Hi! How Are You Today?

Please Allow Me 2 Introduce Myself…

Photo on 3-15-13 at 5.58 PM #2

My name is Allen Darman.

I am an Old Hippie that Went to the Original Woodstock in ’69…


I am a Truth Soldier for God.

I am also the Leader of a Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team that is pumping out Websites, Web Pages, and WordPress Blogs as fast as we can in an effort to help the brewing Justifiable Revolution here in the United States (and Worldwide as well!). My other names on the Internet are Nutrientscure, AllenD, SmokeMasterAllenD, AllenDee, and SmokemasterAllenDee… lol

I am going to buy a train ticket to San Francisco in early April. As well as things are going with our team’s websites, I cannot help but feel that it’s time for me to trust in God, attempt to go by Amtrak to San Francisco, and hope “I get picked up”.

If no one shows up at the Train station in Emeryville within two hours or so of my arrival, I may do the shelter thing again. I hear that a place called Cafe Esperanza in Santa Barbara is pretty nice, and I will research other housing and shelter options out west in advance. At this point, if the Mafia wants to kill me and make an Internet Martyr out of me, So Be It. The same goes for the Feds, who have been watching this battle between the Mafia and I for years and yet do nothing. If I end up missing or dead, don’t summarily convict the Mafia. It could be “either or”. The Feds want me dead as well, for my blogging on Energy Invention Suppression bothers them a great deal, because this issue of Energy Invention Suppression could be the Tipping Point in causing Justifiable Revolution in the U.S. AllenD

Notable Quotes

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own.Carol Burnett

Without Internet Freedom, we have No Freedom At All. AllenD

At this point, if the Mafia wants to kill me and make an Internet Martyr out of me, So Be It. The same goes for the Feds, who have been watching this battle between the Mafia and I for years and yet do nothing.AllenD

I continue to hope that the Mafia realizes that I strongly believe that a win-win situation can and should be structured between them and the new Roundtable Internet Government which will replace our current corrupt Federal Government when it Inevitably Falls To the Truth. AllenD

If the Mafia has decided to Change Sides and Do the Right Thing for both their Organization and America, rather than try to kill me, they should guard me on my train trip against dying at the hands of the Feds or anyone else. AllenD

Remember AllenD! at iROCK4FREEDOM if I go down for the sake of America and the sake of the human race. AllenD

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.Jules Renard

I’ve written for over a decade for no money. Money don’t mean beans to a man whose feels his cause is just. AllenD

I ordered a Second iMac today (on 2-28-2013) because I have already had a Devil of a Time in Regard to Hackers Heavily Attacking the first Apple Refurbished iMac I just got the other day (on 2-26-2013). Two Days of hacker hell! These are almost Certainly BOTH Federal Government and Mafia hackers. I have been chronically hacked and disrupted EVER SINCE I PUT MY SON WILLY’S ORIGINAL RECOVERY WIDELY ON THE INTERNET IN JUNE 2006. I am the Most Hacked Man on the Planet! No Doubt! They should put me in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS FOR BEING HACKED SO MUCH since June 2006! In regard to Murder Attempts by the Mafia thus far that have Failed, my count only stands at about 35 Failed Attempts, so I would not set the Record for the Guinness Book of Records.  A man in the Energy Invention Arena Named Adam Trombly has me Beat, as he has had 54!  Frankly, I am glad I am Number 2… who would want any more? Allen Darman  

If I go down on my way to San Francisco by train, don’t bother to try to figure out “who did it?”, the Mafia or the Feds. Hang ‘em both, and let God sort things out. Allen Darman

If I happen to make it to Emeryville, and no one comes to pick me up, please do not expect me to continue blogging until I find a supportive living situation in which to do so. I do not consider any homeless shelter such. It seems to me that my heroism for America and the World has finally become dependent on being around other persons in a psychologically supportive and safe environment. (I have sought such for years, thus far with no luck.) This Battle I am fighting is such a lonely one I am willing to travel to San Francisco at the risk of death. Heck, maybe Internet Martyrdom was what God had planned for me anyway. We will all soon find out. AllenD

Our WordPress Collaborative Team’s Magnificent Seven Websites are as follows… all of the Images are “Clickable”.

  • 1) iROCK4FREEDOM the 1st Internet Woodstock!


  • 2) Our latest Management Website titled



  • 3) Eight President Round Table Internet Government Website


  • 4) A Suppression of Truth WordPress Website


  • 5) An Alternative Medical Discovery WordPress Website


  • 6) A Justifiable Civil Disobedience Website


  • 7) Our July 4th Revolution WordPress Website


Our Revolutionary WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Is Going to Start the 1st Internet Woodstock called iROCK4FREEDOM! or we are going to die trying! That’s No Lie!

AllenD and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team


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